Welcome to the City of Santa Ana's Online Inspection System

The purpose of this application is to provide contractors and homeowners a convenient method to schedule, re-schedule, cancel, and view Building Inspections online.

Once you have received your issued Permit, you may start scheduling Inspections using the online Schedule Inspection feature.

Before proceeding, the Permit Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are needed. Both numbers are located in the upper right on the Permit form. If additional help is required, please call (714) 647-5800 for assistance.

The Online Inspection System has been tested with the following Browsers - all others may give unexpected results:

  • Firefox 83+
  • Chrome 87+
  • Edge 44+

We hope to make your inspection online process as smooth as possible. We welcome all feedback that may help us serve you better. Please select the Planning & Building button at the lower right, for additional information on Permit and Inspection services.