Welcome to the City of Santa Ana’s Occupancy Online Inspection System

Once you have received Occupancy approval from Planning, obtained a Business License Tax Number (BTN), and have waited the 72 hour processing period, you may start scheduling Occupancy Inspections using the Online Inspection Scheduling feature.

Both the Occupancy Number and Business License Tax Number (BTN) are needed. Both are located on the upper right of the Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Scheduling Notice hardcopy paperwork.

If additional help is required, please call (714) 647-5800 for assistance.

The Online Inspection System has been tested with the following Browsers – all others may give unexpected results:

  • Firefox 83+
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We hope to make your inspection online process as smooth as possible. We welcome all feedback that may help us serve you better. Please select the Planning & Building button on the lower right, for additional information on Occupancy and Inspection services.

**Please be advised that if your Occupancy application is not approved by Planning, or the number is not recognized when entered, please visit the Planning Division counter for further assistance.

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Inspections may be rescheduled or canceled due to field staffing or resource availability, emergency response, or other similar events beyond our control. The City will make every effort to contact you if an inspection is canceled, and reschedule the inspection based on the earliest available date/time.

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